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Herbs one should eat daily:


Basil has a very high Phytochemical count, good for digestion and stomach

problems it should be eaten raw including the stems.



Calendula has been used medicinally for many centuries. It contains a high number of flavonoids that act as anti-oxidants.

Calendula can be used to treat skin disorders like excema and warts as well as minor burns,wounds and fungal infections.

It reduces Inflammation and promotes healing. Calendula is my personal favourite.It is easy to grow, its beautiful sunny

flowers can be made into a tea with anti- spasmodic and anti-septic properties.It helps relieve cramps and increases blood

flow to infected areas like stomach ulcers or external wounds.

Continuous harvest will cause it to multiply greatly and its lovely bright colors bring joy to every herb gardeners heart.


Cilantro 's chelating properties can remove mercury and lead from people

suffering from heavy metal poisoning. It is used in the treatment of

Alzheimer's and Autism.


Cinnamon is anti-inflammatory, sugar balancing, anti-blood clotting and

especially helpful to people with diabetes or hypoglycemia.

Hydroxychalcone found in Cinnamon stabilizes Insulin.

Cinnamon helps to stop the growth of bacteria and fungi in the body.

Cinnamon tea will help balance blood sugar all day and prevent blood sugar

from rising after meals.


Garlic has anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties .Garlic also

lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, thins the blood,improves dilation of

blood vessels and boosts endocrine functions including sexual hormones and

raises sperm count.


Ginger is a very powerful anti-inflammatory used for the treatment

of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It contains a phytochemical

that is similar in structure to pain reducing substances in Advil.



Shiitake is a" medicinal mushroom" rather than an herb but its amazing health benefits demand its mentioning in this chapter.

It has a very high content of interferons which help inhibit the replication of viruses ,bakteria,parasites and cancerous cells.

As a food source ,shiitake is not only delicious but also contains an excellent combination of amino acids,vitamins and minerals.

It can help protect from cardiovascular disease by lowering cholesterol levels. Shiitake can be grown on oak logs in a moist,

wooded area and are perfect for loosing weight and strengthening the immune system.


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