Nutritional Counseling 


Dietary Counseling provides individualized nutritional care to encourage modification of

eating habits. It also assists in prevention of treatment of nutrition related illnesses

such as cardiovascular disease,cancer,diabetes,chronic pain and fatigue ,hyperlipidemia

and more.

Phytochemicals play a very important part in Nutritional Healing. Phytochemicals are

compounds that occur naturally in plants.They enable any cell to detoxify itself from

chemical waste and toxins, which makes them disease fighting and immune system


The health benefits of Phytochemicals are best derived from consumption of unprocessed

whole foods. Since most Phytochemicals are located in the skin,seeds or stems of fruits and

vegetables,blending them as a whole into smoothies is the best way to consume them.

There may be as many as 10.000 different phytochemicals assisting in fighting disease.

Lycopene, from tomatoes, for example has been studied to greatly support cardiovascular

and prostate health.

During a session of Nutritional Counseling, we will evaluate your condition and needs

to formulate an individualized diet plan for healing your body.

Cleansing and strenghtening smoothie: 

1 handfull organic strawberries

1 handfull organic raspberries/blueberries or blackberries

½ organic red beet

½ organic cucumber

3 teasp organic black sesame seed

1 organic small carrot

1 teaspoon honey

water and ice

Recommended books: “Conquering Any Disease” by Jeff Primack

Staying Healthy with the Seasons” by Dr. Elson M. Haas

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