Permaculture Garden Design


Herb Gardens

* Medicinal herbs,tailored to your health
needs and challenges
*Culinary herbs,tailored to your dietary
needs and taste
*Aromatic herbs , to repel mosquitoes and
provide essential oils

Perennial Gardens

Edible flowers,perennial vegetables, pollinator attractants

Edible Forest Gardens

Fruit and Nut trees,berry bushes , herbs, edible ground covers and root vegetables/medicinals

Annual Vegetable and Herb Gardens

Tailored to your dietary and health needs

Mushroom logs

A garden design project includes assessment of your site ,analysis of the soil sharing visions about all the potentials of your garden and drawing a detailed
plan before implementing the chosen design to create a beautiful, healthy landscape for you to enjoy.

Permaculture Gardens are low maintenance, ecologically regenerative and sustainable as well as beautiful and welcoming. They provide healing for the
earth and all her inhabitants, one garden at a time....

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